A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is my final project for Processing class. The objective was to shoot/fight the Chupacabra and defeat it. 

Simply press the right arrow to fire a single bullet at the Chupacabra.


Right Arrow.


  • Could not get the game to reset. 
  • Could not figure out how to get bullet count so that the health count could be increased.
  • Enemy projectile.

Note that this is only for educational purposes and not for sale as the assets/art were acquired online.

Note that although I intended to use additional libraries, I found the learning curve a little tricky. I do however intend to evolve this game at a later time using the other libraries.

Thank You

Install instructions

  • Download the complete file and unzip.
  • extract files and open in processing.


JoseFP.zip 20 MB

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